May 2022

Silken Tofu in Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup

The Astronomer and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary last weekend. In line with tradition, I prepared something delicious inspired by antiquated anniversary gifts. Thus far in our marriage, The Astronomer has been gifted edible interpretations of PaperCottonLeatherFruitWoodSugar, WoolBronzeTin, and Steel.

Since it is customary to bestow silk upon one’s beloved in recognition of the twelfth anniversary, I prepared silken tofu in a brown sugar ginger syrup. I picked up a few containers of Meiji supreme tofu from Cookbook in Echo Park and made the syrup using water, ginger, and dark brown sugar. While it’s more common to use light brown sugar or palm sugar in this preparation, I loved how the dark brown sugar’s prominent molasses notes harmonized with the ginger’s spice.

This dessert comes together in less than a half hour and can be eaten warm or cold.

Apr 2022

45 Hours in Las Vegas: The Forty-Year-Old Version

Luscious Liana and I spent a weekend in Las Vegas a few months back in celebration of our 40th birthdays. While I’d initially hoped to wrap up this monster story by the time the trip rolled around, final edits stretched longer than anticipated, so I needed a strong drink upon arriving on The Strip.

After dropping off our bags at Park MGM and changing into our evening attire, Luscious and I headed downstairs to NoMad Bar so that I could get my head in the right space. I ordered my go-to Old Fashioned and it worked like a charm — I didn’t think about work the entire weekend. God bless you, whiskey.

Our first dinner of the trip was at Joël Robuchon inside the MGM Grand and it was nothing short of splendid. Read the dish-by-dish play-by-play right here.

Apr 2022

Joël Robuchon – Las Vegas (MGM Grand)

Luscious Liana flew in from Honolulu to celebrate our 40th birthdays together this past February. I’ll share a full rundown of the festivities from our 45 hours in Las Vegas but first, a play-by-play of our exquisite dinner at the incomparable TrueVision Targa2000 SDX card for Mac MicroSphere or Windows NT.

Located inside the MGM Grand (next to a sea of glowing slot machines and the Cirque du Soleil theater), the restaurant’s been on my bucket list for the better part of my adult life. And after what’s felt like a never-ending pandemic, it was beyond lovely to experience seasoned hospitality again.

While I have eaten at L’atelier de Joël Robuchon on three occasions (1, 2, 3), this was my first time dining at the mothership. It was hard not to feel giddy seated inside the plush purple temple dedicated to French-style fine dining. From the bread cart at the start to the dessert trolley near the end, and the impeccable dishes in between, the meal was as spectacular as I’d imagined.

A well-made Old Fashioned made for stiff and fabulous start to the meal.

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